We invite abstracts for 20-minute presentations, plus 10-minute discussion, and abstracts for posters. They should be written in English or Spanish.

Abstracts submitted for consideration should clearly state the problem, objectives, methodology, and possible results/findings. Their length must be between 400 and 500 words, and they should include title, 5 keywords and references – a maximum of 8.

No more than a page length, Times New Roman 12, figures included.

Paper, poster and workshop proposals should be sent via email as an attachment (in .doc format) to: AELCO@ual.es

The attached files must only include the title of the contribution in boldface and the abstract itself (including keywords and references). Please do NOT include the author's details in the attachment.

Please include the following information in the “subject” of the email:

And the following information in the “body” of the email:


We encourage workshop proposals. They should contain:

  1. a 1000 word description of the topic (including the research questions to be addressed) and
  2. a list of workshop participants and 300 word abstracts of their papers.

Since we want conference participants to be able to attend individual workshop presentations, workshops need to be compatible with the main conference schedule. This means that the format of the workshops must be organized around 30 minute presentations (20 min. + 10 min. discussion). Workshops will contain 10 slots (corresponding to 1 day); each workshop ideally comprises: (a) an introductory paper by the convenor/s or by a key-note speaker, which summarizes previous research, specifies the approach/es to be taken and sets the scope of the papers to be presented; (b) eight papers; (c) a slot for final discussion on the topics covered by the papers, methodological issues and questions for future research.


There will be a poster session of an hour for both senior and junior researchers. In order to foster interaction, all other sessions will be suspended during the poster session. Posters may remain available during the rest of the conference. The maximum size of the poster is 1.20 m (vertical) x 0.90 m (horizontal). For more information about how to make a good poster see http://people.eku.edu/ritchisong/posterpres.html.